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“What an adventure it was! Before the training, I did not know what to expect, to be honest, and was somehow not that motivated, but after a couple days, thanks to all the instructors, things got really interesting. I learned tons of stuff that changed my perspective of teaching. A really good point is that we were able to practice teaching with real students and create our own lessons, which in my opinion, is one of the best ways to get to know what your future job will look like. It also allows you to get the confidence needed to be ready for the big day ! Once again thanks to all the instructors that were very helpful and  made us feel comfortable along the training!"

Anselme Benard, France
2024 January Course Graduate


“What I wish I knew before committing to this program and purchasing flight tickets: Yes, this course from ITTT is legit, and truly accredited. Because the course is in-person, it is so much more than just ‘read this pdf, and pass this test’ repeatedly. If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone, and start a new chapter in your life, the cost is SO worth it. You are putting a lot of faith into both the curriculum of the course, and the accommodations provided by the same people. While it all seems nerve-racking, you will be in good hands with the TEFL Tokyo staff. My class size was 4 people (less than 10 is usual), so you can expect to always get personal feedback and support from the teachers.


You should know that while you are being provided the impactful lessons by the TEFL Tokyo staff, they also run an English language school, Hi5 English School, at the same time. No, you won’t be treated as an afterthought, and this actually offers wonderful hands-on, ‘real-world’ experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with actual English-learners, to test exactly what you learned in the lessons. During the course I had numerous teaching interactions with a wide range of ages and English proficiency: in front of a small classroom of adults, 1-on-1 with 4 different adults, teaching songs alongside my peers to 2 classrooms of preschoolers, and then elementary school kids by volunteering on the weekends. The course is designed in such a way to prepare you for each interaction, and the TEFL Tokyo staff are always there to support you when needed. Don’t let this scare you away though! The course is the perfect combination of traditional lecture-style teaching followed by practical application of what you learned.


I enrolled in this course to achieve 2 things: earn a TEFL certificate to better prepare myself to get into the JET Program, and to experience a sliver of Japanese culture to see if this could be a future I wanted. I achieved both of these goals, and also came back to the US with priceless memories. The English-learners you interact with through this course are beyond wonderful. You will make an impact on them, and they will certainly make an impact on you. The quality of the TEFL Tokyo staff ensured that they quickly became more than just teachers, and transitioned into mentors and friends. I loved being around them so much that I spent weekends volunteering to be with the students and teachers, instead of exploring the rest of Japan; despite this being my very first international experience! Whenever I go back to Japan, I will certainly go back to visit the staff. Maybe I’ll even submit a job application; it truly is a fantastic group of people running this course.”

Connor Dominik, United States
2023 July Course Graduate



"So I wanted to get a TEFL certificate to be able to teach and travel throughout Asia. I had considered other countries for certification, but I settled on TEFL Tokyo because I felt a certificate from Tokyo, Japan would carry more weight when the time comes to apply for teaching jobs overseas. Not to mention the school is about a 20 min train ride from the heart of Tokyo! Honestly, you can't ask for a better location.

The head instructor and owner, Larry, was very knowledgeable and knew how to break down the English language construct into its constituent parts. Honestly, I reviewed/learned more about the English language in the month-long course than I ever remembered in my schooling career!  More importantly, the course provided me with the opportunity to put my newfound ESL teaching knowledge and techniques into practice. I had 8 one on one lessons and one small group lesson. I felt that this course in particular was more than adequate in providing me with the background knowledge and hands on experience needed to succeed within the ESL profession. 

I also want to mention co-instructors Daniel and Vincent. Both were extremely helpful in allowing me to grasp what it actually takes to teach ESL effectively. Larry, his wife Yuko, and family are super great people. They even gave me a sightseeing tour of some really beautiful beaches and sights of Chiba. I even got a chance to get into the water with a surfboard! Stoked! But my favorite was the trip to a popular claming beach. I couldn't believe how many they dug up! And then I got to eat some! Cooked in Japanese sake no less! All the staff went way above and beyond my expectations! I have traveled to many countries, but this experience has without a doubt turned out to be one of my most memorable. Domo arigato gozaimasu! The whole experience made my trip to Japan unforgettable!"

Ryan Edwards, United States
2023 April Course Graduate



"When my children started attending Hi5 English School (TEFL International Tokyo's Eikaiwa school), I decided to get some qualifications to improve myself and also help me raise my own children better, so I started my own English studies with EIKEN Level 2. A few years later, I decided to study for EIKEN Level 1 and obtain TESOL certification from TEFL International Tokyo, just before returning to work. After completing the course, I am glad I went to TEFL International Tokyo for the following reasons:

First, I could practice through various types of lessons. I was able to visit local schools and join classes, have one-on-one lessons with adults and children, and group lessons with parents and children, all with the support and encouragement of the teachers, from preparation to review. The practical training was hard work, but it was a very valuable experience for me to actually feel the students' reactions firsthand and learn more about myself as I reflected on my lessons. This experience also gave me a great deal of confidence in how I teach and educate others.

Secondly, although we now live in an age where it is easy to obtain certifications on the Internet, partly due to the influence of the coronavirus, I am glad that I was able to take the course and do the practicum in person. I was a little worried about my English ability, but the teachers were always concerned about me and I was able to freely ask any questions or give my opinions on the spot. During the classroom lectures, the teachers who are currently working in the field, gave us enjoyable lessons based on their rich experience and knowledge. I have very precious memories of that time and space where I was able to learn together with my fellow students, sometimes even laughing a lot.

Finally, from the perspective of a mother who has been sending her children to the school and from the perspective of a student who attended the school for TESOL certification, TEFL International TOKYO is a wonderful school with staff who are rooted in the community and sincerely support English learning for both children and adults. I believe that I was able to make a valuable personal investment, not only in acquiring TESOL qualification, but also in gaining experience and friends."

Yuko Machida, Japan
2022 October Course Graduate



"I started this course expecting to just simply learn how to teach English, but ended up with so much more. This course opened my mind to how people acquire

language, and even to the beauty of the history of teaching methods and how we can apply them today. I was warmly welcomed from the moment I stepped out of Kanamachi station, and was helped throughout my whole journey of this course.

The TEFL International Tokyo teachers and staff are very kind and friendly, and everyone made me feel relaxed and eager to learn more. They made me feel more comfortable with teaching kids and adults, while providing lots of advice and helpful feedback on our workshop activities as well. I also had the opportunity to shadow an English class and witness the day of an Eikawa English teacher.

As to the English teaching, lots of techniques were provided for us as well as experiences on putting them to use. The assignments were quite challenging, yet very useful for our future in this career path.


The only negative thing I have to say is that I didn’t get to explore Tokyo as much as I wanted to. If you plan to go sightseeing, it might be good to go pre-course or post-course. However, Mizumoto Park was one of the best places I’ve visited, and it’s very close to the school!

I had a very good experience, and it’s definitely worth it. I highly recommend this intensive course, especially for language lovers!

Ellen Alencar, United States
2022 April Course Graduate




"One of the reason why I wanted to take this course was to get all the necessary knowledge to start building a career in the field of education, and get the idea of how to become a good and effective teacher. Thanks to the knowledgeable and
supportive team of TEFL International Tokyo, great teaching materials and practicum I was able to apply teaching principle I learned during this course in my own classroom. I learned how to make my lessons more effective, how to teach with ease, confidence and professionalism.

One more reason I took this course is to obtain the TEFL certificate, which will give me more opportunities to find a better job in Japan or in any other country in the world. To me this intensive one month course was experience which was worthwhile my time, effort and money. Highly recommend to those who are looking to obtain not only TEFL certificate but all the essentials for becoming a good and effective language teacher."

Natalia Prytkova, Ukraine
2022 March Course Graduate


"Recently, in Japan, there has been a push for more conversational usage of the English language. I had been teaching English focused on pronunciation for a few months and had run into a few issues with my teaching techniques. By taking this TEFL course, I discovered better and efficient ways to teach English in an easily understood manner. The instructors of TEFL International Tokyo are highly knowledgeable and experienced as well as fully capable of providing you the solutions to any of the issues you may come across when teaching in Japan.


Of course, the main reason why most take this course is for the certificate. However, the experience itself of learning and discovering your most effective methods of teaching your students is what is to be gained from this program. Especially now, we are experiencing a shift in how education is done with the rise of remote learning. With these changes, TEFL International Tokyo provided me with a modern outlook on what to expect with newer teaching methodologies and the strong principles of older ones.


Overall, I highly recommend the TEFL course at TEFL International Tokyo. All the instructors are highly personable, provide useful feedback, and have tons of stories of their teaching experience in Japan. All the skills you pick up from this course will be skills you will use throughout your future careers."


David Dunn, United States

2021 Jan Course Graduate



2019 Sept Graduation (Cornelio).JPG

"Like most people, I tried to do research and gather as much information I can when paying for something I don't know much of, especially online. This was the case with TEFL International Tokyo. I wanted to pursue an English career in Japan and what better way than to take my TEFL certification in Tokyo. I narrowed my search to TEFL International Tokyo, mostly because their website was the most organized and well-presented. But could I trust them?

The definitive answer is YES. 

My personal experience with TEFL International Tokyo can be summed up as one of the most worthwhile investment I've made, with my time, effort and money. It's easy to assume that getting my certification was a formality, but I was most pleasantly surprised that the instructors, the material, the course... are all legit - they want you to learn, they want you to get the most out of the course, they want you to grow in your experience as an English instructor in Japan.

Larry and "Coach" Dave have DECADES of combined teaching experience and were such a valuable resource both inside and outside the classroom. The other instructors and staff all were very supportive and everyone created a relaxed-yet-focused, supportive learning environment.

YES, you will be expected to put in work and effort. After all, it is an intensive month-long program, but all the work will be valuable, especially once you start looking for teaching positions in Japan. While they can't guarantee you will land a job, I personally was able to obtain a couple of teaching offers, due largely to how the TEFL course had prepared me as an English instructor to Japanese of all ages - from young children to middle schoolers and high schoolers, to adults and retirees.

Lastly, Larry and his wife Yuko (and the people of TEFL International Tokyo) are genuinely good people. Not only do they care about each student young and old, but you can easily see they are an asset and blessing to their town with how they interact with their community. Things such as sponsoring a child in-need to holding sidewalk sales, whose proceeds go to mothers in-need, go well beyond the context of a school, but speak volumes as to the character of those in charge of TEFL International Tokyo."

Cornelio Natividad II, United States

2019 Sept Course Graduate




"To anyone wanting to broaden their horizons by teaching English abroad and looking to enhance their abilities to teach in TESOL environments, or those looking to supplement their existing teaching experience with a TESOL certification, or even those hoping to start building their experience as a teacher to begin working in the field of education, I can wholeheartedly recommend the course at TEFL International Tokyo. I had a great experience here and think that is largely due to the knowledgeable, engaging, and supportive instructors who taught the course, which is to say, I truly believe that the experience you gain by doing this course at TEFL International Tokyo is experience that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

The curriculum does a great job of preparing you to teach English. Topics covered include history of foreign language instruction techniques, principles of language teaching, teacher language, phonology, and English grammar. I found the grammar sections to be taught in a way that was remarkably engaging and relatively painless, so don't let the fact that grammar is one of the subjects covered in the course intimidate you, the instructors do a great job not only of presenting the content but stressing the points that will help you be better able to teach your future students about these topics.

You will also begin working with students in your first week of the course, which I believe is one of the benefits of taking the course in person. You will be able to put the skills you learn during class to use immediately in a practical setting, which serves as good reinforcement for the material and also lets you evaluate your own performance as a teacher.

I think this course is great for anybody who would like to teach English anywhere in the world, not just Japan; though the course is taught in Tokyo and the material is often introduced from the standpoint of how best to work with Japanese learners of English, the course covers topics in such a way that you will be able to apply the teaching principles covered in a broad range of contexts, countries and cultures around the world. With that said, Dave, Larry, and the other instructors on the course have decades of experience between them teaching in English in Japan, so if you are interested in teaching in Japan yourself after taking the course, you will have a world-class team of teaching professionals ready to offer you advice and guidance about how to break into this vibrant industry and help you in taking the next steps to find employment in Japan.

Lastly, if you have the opportunity, staying at the TEFL Residence for the duration of the course is a great experience, as you'll not only get to know your classmates and instructors better and have a very quick walk to get to class, but you'll also get to experience urban living in a fantastic neighborhood of Tokyo. You'll have access to nearby amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and a jaw-dropping athletic center, and the huge Mizumoto park is also nearby, which is a real treat for a morning run (or just an afternoon stroll).

All in all, I highly recommend this course for those looking to obtain a TESOL certification, and especially those looking to get a taste of Japanese culture in the process!"

Brad Hendershott, America

2019 Sept Course Graduate



""Coach" Dave and Larry are fantastic instructors who go above and beyond in helping you when you need it. The month-long class went by fast, but I also felt like I learned several months' worth of how to be an effective English teacher. The instruction content included educational theory, grammar, and the phonetic alphabet; and our April class also gained invaluable hands-on teaching experience in a conversation school, a women's university, and a preschool. The experience was indeed intense, but fun as well in a great neighborhood! Highly recommended!"

Connery Cepeda, United States

2017 Apr Course Graduate


"The reason why I wanted to get this certificate is so I could travel around the world teaching, specially in Asia, and doing it in Tokyo was the best decision I have ever taken. I just finished the course and I already got several opportunities to teach in South East Asia! So if you like teaching and want to travel, this is a great way of doing it! You will learn a lot during the course, but the best part is that you actually get to put it into practice with kids, several one on one teaching sessions, and an english class at a college in Shinjuku. I really learned a lot from Larry and David, I have already caught myself a couple of times in a conversation using the terminology I learned in the course.

The school is lovely as well as the whole crew. The neighborhood is gorgeous and it has an amazing park just a couple of blocks down. There are several convenience stores, delicious and very affordable ramen right around the corner, and the most incredible bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth! I stayed at Larry's house which is 5 minutes away walking. It is extremely comfortable and Yuko, Sean and Larry will make you feel at home.


Prepare yourself for a lot of learning, good laughs and amazing memories :)!"

Natasha Puente, Mexico

2017 Jan Course Graduate



Emma in Wayo.jpg

"A great instructor is hard to come by, so I felt like I struck gold with Dave and Larry. I've never felt so nurtured in a classroom. They were very kind and helpful in sharing their expertise with the class, after all they have both lived and taught in Japan for the past 30 years.


If you have any hesitance or reluctance in coming to Tokyo or if you've never been here, fear not! Dave and Larry are at your beck and call with answering any questions you might have about life in Tokyo. I was very nervous about taking the leap and leaving home, so I emailed Larry several times leading up to the program. He was very helpful in preparing me for this trip and my time in Tokyo.

Of course while they provide a comfort zone for your life in Tokyo, what they are really doing is helping you prepare as much as possible for success through this rigorous program. There is quite a bit of work, but the classes and assignments are very well thought out and meaningful. I felt so well prepared for the following interviews and felt comfortable speaking with the different schools and companies, understanding the jargon and responding like a TESOL professional.

I also was able to take with me the 60+ combined years of experience teaching English in Japan that Larry and Dave shared during class. They have some great stories that bring insight and life to what you should expect in a future classroom.

During my time there, I decided to do some volunteer work at a language cafe in exchange for room and board in Shinjuku to save money (via I had class all day and worked 15 hours a week at night and I managed to be successful at both, so don't be daunted by the workload. It is very doable. My sleep suffered, but this was due to my inability to say no to the city and invites from new friends to go sight-seeing. Some of the friends I made were older students I taught as part of the course!

-Do not procrastinate on work and at the very least skim the day's notes after class. At the end of the program when it's time to take your test, it will feel like a year has passed with all the information you've covered.
-Team up with your fellow classmates in studying and working together on assignments. It's so much more fun. I also learned a lot from my peers, as some of them had previous teaching or tutoring experience.
-Get there early (and caffeinated if that's your thing)! Some of the material can be dry, but very necessary. Don't waste time, because there is a lot of material to cover and it is all very helpful. You are only hurting yourself by missing any information.
-Have fun (though it is impossible not to with teachers like Dave and Larry)!
-Come in with an open mind. Don't let Tokyo scare you. Don't let strangers scare you. I can't believe the friends I've made during my short stay so far. Japanese people have been very helpful in me getting around when I was lost or wasn't sure about something.
-Study some Japanese. (You really don't need any, so don't worry.) I came with some hiragana memorized and the general greetings. I wish I had studied a lot more. I got by with the help of English signs, strangers, my hand gestures, friends and Dave and Larry, but it would have been nice to be a little more independent.


Just some last bits about the people. I felt at home with these instructors. It isn't a large company so you get that family-run business feel and get as much one-on-one time as you need. They are very accessible and make themselves available if you need anything."

Emma Zarate, United States

2016 Sept Course Graduate



"Thank you so much Dave and Larry (as well as everyone part of the TEFL Tokyo family!) for all of the experiences I have had over the last month doing the TEFL International TESOL course. I have now sadly left Japan, but it's thanks to you and everyone at Hi5 English school that my time with you was an absolute pleasure.

The course itself is an interesting analysis of both the English language and how English should be taught to foreign speakers, and includes aspects such as the history of teaching methods, the psychology behind a student's progress in the classroom, the international phonetic alphabet and the intriguingly universal human language of supra-segmentals (which is just a fancy word for tone of voice, for example how you can laugh at the right part of a joke in any language just from the sound of the punchline). In this way, the broad range of the course means that it isn't just interesting to linguists and educators, but that people from all fields could also add their own interpretations.

The actual teaching I did for the course was also really enjoyable, my Japanese students were almost without exception engaged and -in the case of the little kids- adorable! I even received presents from a few to thank me for my time spent with them, which was particularly sweet.

As for the team running the course I could not have been luckier. Despite the fact I was the only student doing the course for the month of March I had plenty of great company and good times! I was even invited to go to the school's annual ski trip to Nagano which was a particular highlight, and the school usually has extra-curricular events, such as the big Easter egg hunt planned for April. TEFL Tokyo is also about a 5 minute walk from beautiful Mizumoto park, a breath of fresh air in what can sometimes be a stifling concrete Tokyo, and I was lucky enough to eat my lunch under blooming cherry blossoms there as often as I wanted to.

So all in all a great place and amazing people, which I would highly recommend! In fact I've begun bugging my older sister to come and do the course once she's finished her degree (so you may need to prepare for another member of the Rais family!).

Thank you again to Yuko, Vincent, Raymond, Olivia, Sean, Derek and especially Dave and Larry for such a lovely experience.

If I were to do the TESOL course again, I would do it at TEFL Tokyo (2nd conditional!)."

Lamya Rais, Lebanon

2016 Mar Course Graduate



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