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2024 Course Dates

January Cohort:

       January 8th - February 2nd


February Cohort:

       February 5th - March 1st

March Cohort:

       March 4th - March 29th


April Cohort:

       April 1st - April 26th


May Cohort:

       May 6th - May 31st


June Cohort:

       June 3rd - June 28th   

July Cohort:

       July 1st - July 26th

August Cohort: (Intensive Course)

       August 12th - August 30th


September Cohort:

       September 2nd - September 27th

October Cohort:

       October 7th - November 1st


November Cohort:

       November 4th - November 29th

Please be informed that course dates may be cancelled or adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances.
If the course that you have signed up for is cancelled, your enrollment can be transferred to a future date free-of-charge. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.
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