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We strive to achieve excellence in teaching through our rewarding coursework.


Education Theory

Language Forms

Communicative Language Teaching

Hands-On Experience


We’ll take the student through the history of various TESOL methodologies while comparing and contrasting each method’s strengths and weaknesses. Fundamental principles of language teaching and learning will be a solid part of this program.


Grammar Resized


We’ll be solidifying our students’ understanding of grammar (word classes, sentences elements, modals and conditionals, etc). Students will have a good deal of practice with the International Phonetic Alphabet and suprasegmentals. Nearing the end of the course we’ll have a Language Awareness Test to evaluate our students’ English language performance.


Students Resized


Our teaching principles emphasize active speaking and listening through communication in the target language. Communicative Language Teaching is a modern and widely practiced form of language teaching that brings personal meaning to its students through learning a new language. We focus on teaching functional English to foreign learners in order for them to communicate efficiently with native English speakers.


 CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) Resized

Our students will have hands-on experience in teaching adult learners of the English language in a professional tutoring classroom. We will also have on-site teaching practice in kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, and universities. We aid our students with classroom management, lesson planning, and adapting to different learning styles.

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